Hey im Jen. Yea i'm different, but im one of a kind. I love talking i do it sooo often, i always love making friends. I'm one of a kind, i never live in the past. I'm moving too fast to even try and slow down for life, we only get one shot soo im gonna live mine to the fullest. My trust is something i dont give out often but once you have it you will have it forever. I believe in second chance, unless you truly don't deserve one. I hate being lied to. Breaking my trust sucks for you, because once broken your never getting it back, thats your mistake not mine. I'm myself and im perfectly happy just being me.

August 12, 2010 11:56 pm

not sure what to title this

lets see im a butt and been too lazy to open this up and write daily and im sorry about that but for the updates:

finally turned 18 and have my permit. wohoooo

dating a nice new boy named steve.

soo excited leaving for the reniasnce tomorrow but the fair isnt till saturday sadly lol. i saw fireworks outside my house tonight they were awesome.

and lets see what else…ummm im not sure actually what else lol gosh i need to do stuff my life is boring this week lol.

August 1, 2010 9:54 pm

marry me, marry me

sooo story of my day, kidnapped last night to help move stuff into my sisters new apartment, and helped the rest today lol i never knew how much my body could hurt lol or how tired i could be lol.

second note i am now remarried again to my wife/husband jess lol our baby can now have a family again lol yayy

July 29, 2010 1:53 am


oh my god, when i said forever i meant it, why cant you take a hint and stay  the hell away you have no right, there my damn family not yours, leave them alone, and stop texting them, you wronged me and iforgave you tooo many times sooo stop. And dont text my friends its like oh my god get a life, i walked out of your damn life for a reason because i dont want you in mine sooo stop trying, let go like oh my god, so damn mad. (sorry i vented)

 sooo anyway tomorrows last day of work before i leave for camping yayyy lol and i saw interception with best friend steve it was really good <3

July 26, 2010 11:53 pm


sooo ive come to the conclusion that rasberry lemonaid is yummy and that i work toooo much lol, finally have my only day off this week wohooo lol then off to do some camping.

going to the movies  tomorrow with steve to see interception i cant waitttt, that movie lookeeddd awesomeee lol

July 25, 2010 11:55 pm

In your eyes

  So it seems to everyone im just another little girl in this world. I’m at the point of not caring anymore, in your eyes ill never be good enough and now i finally have to say to you is that i quit, you win, broke something unbreakable, are you happy?

I cant stand the fights after fights anymore. Today seems to be the best day ever * rolls eyes*  If every tear brings a happy moment then why is it that all the tears ive cry the past 17 years that my happiness is still missing?

Ahh just sooooo much going on in my head right now, giving me a head ache

July 24, 2010 10:34 pm


Soo alll day i felt dizzy which was totally awesome…ya no not really seeing as i had work, oh joy lol I watched some girl get in super big trouble at work and it was not fun at all i felt bad she got set home early and in tears.

But on the bright side tomorrow is my bestest friends birthday lol she finally gonna be 18 wohooooo lol im gonna make sure im the first person to wish her a happy birthday at 12 midnightt <3

lol editing because im a spazz and wrote 18 instead of 17 lol sorry lol love ya caitlin

July 23, 2010 11:24 pm
"" trust is like a mirror, once its broken you its impossible to fix"
-unknown author"
9:53 pm

Day from heaven to hell

Sooo i went to the outlets with my mom, aunt, sister and little cousin lol got a shirt my mom thinks is ugly but im totally in love with it, gosh old people lol always a cuteee sweater lol then to applebee’s.

But then that lovely fun day turned out to one of my bestest friends going ” hey i lied to ya” over something sooo stupid, its like wow your gonna lie about that, something sooo small, so how do i know if ya telling the truth where it matters. I opened up to ya, told you secrets i would never share and you lied? But oh wait i over reacted. Like for real? how old are we, grow up lol your mistake not mine ill act how ever the hell i want, its my life not yours.

This world is slowly falling apart, glad that the friends you think you have you won’t ever know for suree. lol story of my life im used to having people hurt me, but now im old enough to keep those people outta my life.

9:37 pm


  Sooo ive finally made one of these things cause it seems all my friends have it and i think it will be good to finally write out how i feel and everything.